Your Next Dental Appointment

GOING TO THE DENTIST is something we should all be doing twice a year every year.  If you are already in the habit of coming in for regular cleanings, that is wonderful!  If not, here is what you can expect from a typical cleaning appointment.

Your Check-Up

When visiting the dentist for a check-up, there are a few things that will typically happen.  If you do not have any existing dental concerns or conditions, the first step is usually dental X-rays.  Your medical and dental history, your age, and your current oral health will determine how often you need these.  Dental X-rays help dentists to find and diagnose tooth decay hiding between the teeth and other places hard to see with the naked eye.  They also identify dental and orthodontic issues beneath the gums.

Next, the hygienist will begin cleaning the teeth.  They use a small metal tool called a scaler to scrape away any tartar in between the teeth and around the gumline.  Then they will polish the teeth using a paste and a polishing tool.  This gives your teeth a nice, deep clean and removes any remaining plaque or stain.  They finish the cleaning with flossing.

Once the hygienist is done, it is the dentist’s turn.  They will review your X-rays, check your teeth and gums for signs of decay and gum disease, measure the depth of your gingival pockets (your hygienist may do this as well), check for swelling and redness, test how well your teeth come together when you bite down, and examine your neck, lymph glands, and mouth for signs of oral cancer.  When they finish, they will discuss treatment for any dental work you need and give you tips on improving your daily dental care routine.

Why Visiting The Dentist Is Important

Even for people with great oral health habits like brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing daily, visiting the dentist every six months is crucial to maintaining good oral health.  The reason for this is that dental problems do not go away on their own and tend to get worse over time, which also makes them more difficult (and expensive) to fix.  Regular dental checkups catch problems early so that more intense treatment does not become necessary.

We Cannot Wait To See You!

Whether it has been six months or longer since the last time we saw you, we are looking forward to seeing you again!  Schedule your next appointment right away, and we can make sure everything in your mouth is healthy and clean!

We have the world’s best patients!


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